In the last slumbering moments of a glorious era, all that remained of what was to be remembered as a gathering of highly talented people, who for some reason unknown to the general public did not find the ultimate way to victory, was two knights of monumental pride and strength. They had, with great devastation, seen the Middleages turn into dust in front of their eyes and the fear came creeping up on them as they realized that it was up to them to decide how the great treasure they had in their possession was to be spent. Who would dare to help these two brave warriors on their quest?

As one of them, in a computerized space, took the first step into his recently emptied future, it occurred to him that he was not alone. Right next to him stood a man with a groovy beard and a cap that hid his troubled face from the outside world. They looked at each other and instantly there was a mutual sense of brotherhood in the air. Words were insignificant. The two men just surrendered to their destiny and continued to walk the crooked path into the unknown together. Meanwhile, the other knight lied under the influence of a temporary insomnia when a voice spoke to him. It said: “When dark skies fall upon this land, there is nothing you can do to bring the sun back. You simply just have to wait for its return.”

The very next day the news reached him, that he had been blessed with a new brother, a Kin’s kin that possibly could help him and his companion. He felt a stream of hope run through his veins. The new brother proved to be everything he had hoped for and once again the dark clouds parted, leaving the sun enough room to touch his face with the promise of a brighter dawn.

The four knights felt that the Gods were on their side and instantly started to prosper. However, they were aware that their fully functional machine had great potential, but still it required a highly energetic battery to be up and running for the great amount of time that would be necessary. During a brief hiatus, while the four knights had parted for some separate artistic creation, one of them stumbled across the solution to the problem at hand. On a warm Mediterranean night by the beach, he spotted a shy youngster with long hair and flexible wrists. Only three years in to his artistic contribution to the world this boy made a vivid impression on the newly dubbed knight.Their machine was now complete and the five knights took their first careful steps together into a new era. With a common goal to spread their treasure all over the land and eventually to the four corners of the world, they decided to hold on tight to each other and let their voices be heard. May listeners crowd the venues of their journey and may it all become the highly anticipated Renaissance for everyone involved.

From Slips, Killers and Slimebags, to Gypsys and Lords.